Ozone - a wonderful gas for improving concentration and memory

There is almost no student for whom the exam sessions are not one of the most difficult periods. During this time, the body is exhausted from long-term learning and under constant stress from the upcoming exams. Insomnia, anxiety, constant fatigue, loss of appetite and poor concentration are the health problems students face while studying and preparing for exams.

Indeed, exam sessions are a time when the body needs extra energy and stimulation to eliminate the negative effects of fatigue and stress, while at the same time improving the student's brain activity and helping them maintain high levels of focus. All of this has one perfect element - ozone. This gas, which in nature protects the living world on earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation, is considered a miraculous therapeutic stimulant in medicine. Studies have shown that ozone has a very positive effect on the processes in the body, meaning it improves blood circulation and therefore brain activity, i. e. concentration and memory. In situations of increased physical or mental exertion, ozone is a real bomb that strengthens immunity and gives the body even more strength.

Humans discovered the beneficial effects of ozone two centuries ago, which is why this gas has been used for medical and therapeutic purposes since the 19th century. Numerous studies have shown that people whose bodies are exposed to additional concentrations of ozone in addition to those in the atmosphere have better, strengthened immunity and good humor. The ozone has a wonderful effect on the nerve tissue, increases intellectual abilities, increases concentration and stimulates thinking, i. e. it increases the body's full energy potential.

There are several ways in the world to bring extra ozone into the body, but many of these methods are complicated and can only be used in specialized healthcare facilities that are certified to do so. However, there are simpler methods that can be used at home, such as inhaling ozone directly through a mask, drinking ozonized water or consuming ozone-enriched capsules.

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