Throughout life we are exposed to various skin changes caused by numerous factors. But despite the large selection of products and cosmetics for skin care and treatment, nothing is more effective than the ingredients that nature gives us.

The healing properties of essential oils have long been known. In the ancient Greek city of Athens, the winners of various competitions were given amphorae filled with olive oil. Hippocrates, who believed in the healing properties of olive oil, prescribed it to treat up to 60 diseases. When we combine olive oil with ozone, the results just have to be exceptional.

For this reason, Ozone Gold has developed products that put an end to all of your skin problems.

Ozonated olive oil with 80 mg of ozone - 50 ml

Ozonized olive oil speeds up blood circulation by disinfecting the surface it is applied to and speeds up cell renewal by delivering intense oxygen to them. Helps with allergies, dermatophytes, burns and open wounds, herpes, sunburn, long-lying wounds (Latin decubitus), body odor, irritation, inflammation, radiation burns, insect bites, foot odors and skin on the feet, inflammation of the mouth, mucous membrane, psoriasis, eczema, measles, teeth and gum problems, acne and stains, and bruises. Acne and pimples are particularly prone to develop in youth, and the ozonized olive oil is very effective in treating them. Not only it dries them and help disappear from the skin, but it also prevents the appearing of new unwanted acne.

Ozone Gold has developed a product that covers almost all skin diseases that a large part of the population is confronted with on a daily basis. It is particularly important that this product can be used on all parts of the body. It is suitable for daily use (Recommended use: twice a day).

Ozonized cream with 160mg ozone – 30ml

Due to the high concentration of ozone, the cream is a very powerful antioxidant and disinfects the skin. Free of additives, chemicals or stabilizers. Helps cells regenerate and regenerate quickly when applied to the problem area of the skin due to the high amount of oxygen.

The cream is obtained by processing a high percentage of medical ozone on cold- pressed extra virgin olive oil without acidity, which naturally turns into a cream. Thus, the amount of ozone in this cream is significantly higher compared to other types of ozonized creams and gels. The composition of this product is 100% ozonized olive oil.

For the treatment of redness, bumps, acne and pimples, burns, hemorrhoids, herpes, cracked heels, skin wounds, acne scars, caesarean section, spots, diabetic wounds, skin infections, postoperative scars, wounds from long lying (lat. Decubitus). The cream is applied twice a day and only applied to the affected area of the skin.

The skin surface should be cleaned to allow better penetration into the skin. It is recommended to use the sunscreen with ozonated olive oil (OZONE GOLD SUN CREAM 50SPF) 30 minutes after daily use.

Do not neglect the care of your skin, it is your body's greatest external protection. Protect it from all external influences and be healthy and with Ozone Gold products.

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