Ozone - the undiscovered natural antibiotic that protects the entire organism

Analysis by Dr. Sarah Carnes

Many clinics around the world have been using ozone therapy for years. It is an interesting, but still little-known therapy, as it is only used by relatively few doctors worldwide and because many are unaware of the benefits of ozone.
The effect ozone has on human health cannot be explained in one word. As a detoxifier, it stimulates the body's antioxidant systems. As a result, the body independently produces enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase, reductase, superoxide dismutase and catalase and thus reacts to the fight against free radicals throughout the body. The ozone has a direct effect on bacteria, viruses and some types of unhealthy cells and protects human cells. Ozone is an undiscovered natural antibiotic available in nature that kills viruses, bacteria and fungi in a short time. In addition, ozone therapy stimulates the production of red blood cells, which continue to provide high levels of oxygen in the blood long after another treatment has ended.

The ozone has an excellent effect both when it is taken orally through ozonized olive oil in capsules, and also when it is used on the body through creams. It is interesting that this type of oil was developed for the first time in the history by Nikola Tesla. Creams with medical ozone accelerate blood circulation by disinfecting the surface of the skin and help the cells to regenerate quickly due to the high oxygen content. In addition, the daily use of ozonized products for bathing, massages, skin and hair treatments enhances the benefits of the therapy.

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