Ozone - a powerful weapon against colds, viruses and bacteria

Joe Muji, a professor and lecturer at Casey University in Tokyo and president of the Cloud River Urban Research Institute, released a comprehensive paper highlighting the role of ozone in fighting colds, viruses, and bacteria.

A century ago, ozone (O3, a pale blue gas with a specific odor) was used for disinfection, sterilization, removal of some odors and toxins, product storage and tissue bleaching, making it ideal for use in a wide range of indoor and outdoor care. As a strong oxidizing agent, this substance suppresses the overgrowth and reproduction of microorganisms and actively contributes to maintaining the ecological balance in the body, but also in nature, says Professor Muji.

The three main benefits of ozone

Disinfection of rooms - As early as the 19th century, medical ozone was used to disinfect and sterilize operating rooms and premises where perfectly clean conditions were required to maintain human health.

Venous Treatment - Ozone therapy through venous treatment, which has direct anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects in the blood of a person with severe medical conditions, is becoming more common.

Capsule Treatment - a treatment recommended for daily use to protect the body from all viruses, bacteria and colds by strengthening the immune system through the natural antibiotic effects of the capsules, which are a combination of ozone and cold-pressed oil. In addition, preventive and therapeutic therapy of these ozonized capsules is recommended only with a different dose.

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