What is ozone and why is it good?

What is ozone?

Ozone (O 3 ) is a gas molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms in a dynamically unstable structure due to its mesomeric state. Thanks to its great oxidative power, ozone is one of the most powerful antiviral and antifungal agents. In addition to its significant oxidative properties, when dosed appropriately, ozone releases several useful biochemical mechanisms and activates the antioxidant system (catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, etc.).

What can ozone be treated, what properties does it have?

Ozone therapy has been shown to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and immune stimulating effects. Numerous worldwide studies confirm that ozone increases the immunity and energy potential of the body by two to four times. Ozone is a natural antibiotic that kills viruses, bacteria and fungi in a short time. In addition, numerous studies show that the correction of chronic oxidative stress through an increase in antioxidant enzymes during ozone application increases the differentiation of erythroblasts. This leads to a significant increase in erythrocytes and makes them resistant to oxidative stress.

The ozone therapy has a multiplier effect on the entire organism. The main features are:

  • stimulates the production of red blood cells and thus ensures a high level of oxygen in the blood long after the end of treatment.
  • increases the interferon level by up to nine times
  • stimulates the production of TNF (tumor necrosis factor).
  • stimulates the secretion of IL-2, one of the main factors in the human immune response How are ozone products obtained?

How are ozone products obtained?

The products are obtained by processing a high medicinal ozone content on cold-pressed, acid-free olive oil, which naturally turns into a cream. Thus, the amount of ozone in this recovery cream is significantly higher compared to other types of ozonized creams and gels. Medical ozone creams accelerate blood circulation by disinfecting the surface of the skin. They help the cells to regenerate quickly due to the high oxygen content. The manufacturing process is completely natural. They do not contain any additives, chemicals, contraceptives or stabilizers. Ozone products have powerful antioxidant properties.

Are ozone therapies not expensive and time-consuming to carry out?

Therefore, it is not possible to use ozone in your home. Fortunately, an innovative approach has been developed to turn extra cold-pressed olive oil into a natural ozone-based cream. In this way, high quality

olive oil absorbs ozone to help the whole organism. The easiest way to get this ozonated olive oil into the body is with capsules, and in our country and region the OZONE GOLD capsules are known. By taking just one tablet a day, all of the benefits of ozone therapy are absorbed by the body.

Olive oil with its antioxidant properties, supplemented with ozone, is a powerful combination that promotes the health of the body. In this way: it strengthens your immunity, reduces inflammation, destroys bacteria and viruses, detoxifies the body, slows down aging and increases energy. What about the skin protection and the specific skin problems that arise? Special mention should be made, for example, of the special creams for medical purposes from OZONE - ozonized cream with 160mg OZONE and ozonized pain cream. The first is used for redness caused by irritation, acne and pimples, burns, hemorrhoids, herpes, cracked heels, skin wounds, acne scars, caesarean sections, spots, diabetic wounds, infections on the skin, post-operative scars, wounds from prolonged lying (lat. : Pressure ulcers). It is used as an additional means of removing blemishes from the skin. Fortified with natural oils, the pain cream interacts with pain reliever substances to relieve pain and improve pain reflexes. Helps with migraines, sinuses, stress-related headaches, rheumatic pain, knee, joint and bone pain, stretching pain, stroke, muscle and bruising, hip and neck pain, varicose veins, shoulder and arm pain, chest pain, pain due to calcium deficiency. In addition to ozonized olive oil, it also contains thyme oil, rosemary, marigold, peppermint, black cumin, mint, camphor, eucalyptus, almond, cloves, rosewood and ginger.

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