Why do dermatologists say you should use sunscreen every day (even in winter)?

Warum sagen Dermatologen, dass Sie jeden Tag (auch im Winter) Sonnenschutzmittel verwenden sollten?

Warum sagen Dermatologen, dass Sie jeden Tag (auch im Winter) Sonnenschutzmittel verwenden sollten?

„Sie sollten jeden Tag Sonnencreme tragen, denn wenn Sie draußen sind, sind Sie ständig UV-Strahlung ausgesetzt. UV-Strahlung dringt durch die Wolken und bis zu 80% der Sonnenstrahlen werden noch von Ihrer Haut absorbiert, was bedeutet, dass Sie zum Schutz Ihrer Haut und an bewölkten Tagen Sonnencreme auf Ihr Gesicht auftragen müssen.“ – sagte der Dermatologe Dr. Vesna Cifrevska.

An integral part of the morning ritual for facial care is, in addition to thorough cleansing, care serums for hydration and creams with an SPF factor. The way in which the cream is applied plays an important role, as it should be ensured that all areas of the face and neck are covered. One of the most frequently "forgotten" regions is the eye area, the most delicate and thinnest skin, but also the first place where signs of aging and wrinkles appear.

In addition to UVA and UVB protection, there are other advantages for the facial skin:

• Hyaluronic acid for additional moisture, which is one of the basic substances in the connective tissue of our skin and supports the firmness, elasticity and suppleness of the skin itself.

• Aloe Vera helps to reduce wrinkles, but also regenerates the skin. It significantly improves elasticity, thus reducing the appearance of thin lines.

And of course, ozonized olive oil, which has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. With each use, you perform a kind of "disinfection" of the skin by "removing" all bacteria that multiply on our skin and cause side effects such as acne, inflammation and redness.

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