What is the daily skin care of the face and neck?

In addition to the sun, the skin is exposed to other external influences on a daily basis, such as wind, rain, snow, winter heat, so daily care is required, which should be adapted to the skin type and age.

Regular facial care consists of 4 basic steps:

Cleaning - Washing with non-aggressive detergents to remove dirt, make-up, grease and sweat

Facial tightening - a coating of facial tonic to refresh, hydrate and restore the skin's natural pH

Care - applying a suitable product to moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin and/or anti-wrinkle supplements depending on age and skin type.

Protection - Use of UV protection products with a sun protection factor of 30-50 SPF

Whether morning or night care, the rituals mentioned above are ideal for real treatment and care.

Regardless of the season, the moisturizing and anti-aging cream with SPF 15 is great for daily use and therefore real protection and skin care all year round. In addition to UVA and UVB protection, the cream contains ingredients that bring additional benefits to the facial skin:

Aloe vera helps reduce wrinkles, but also regenerates the skin. It significantly improves elasticity, reducing the appearance of thin lines.

Und natürlich ozonisiertes Olivenöl, das antiseptische und antibakterielle Wirkungen von Ozon hat. Mit jeder Anwendung führen Sie eine Art "Desinfektion" der Haut durch, indem Sie alle Bakterien "entfernen", die sich auf unserer Haut vermehren und Nebenwirkungen wie Akne, Entzündungen und Rötungen verursachen.

And of course, ozonized olive oil, which has antibacterial properties. With each application, you perform a kind of "disinfection" of the skin by "removing" all bacteria that multiply on our skin and cause side effects such as acne, inflammation and redness.

We also recommend sunscreen with SPF 50 in summer, which, in addition to ozonized olive oil, has an intensive formula that keeps the skin moist.

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